About Us

The Scedia Brand, is a compilation of business professionals based in Wicklow Town, who combine their skills to offer, Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, IT, Programing, Marketing and much more.
Each of our associates have many years of experience in their particular field of expertise.


Colm Murphy

Colm Murphy Scedia
Colm is an Executive Coach and Master NLP Practitioner with the International Society for NLP since 2008. He previously worked in Banking and Financial Services for over 40 years in various financial institutions. He set up and managed two very successful intermediary network channels (incorporating insurance brokers, accountants and tax consultants) for two Irish Banks during this time. Over the last fifteen years he was also Director of Sales and Marketing of one of the largest Pensioneer Trustee Firms in the country.

His focus and area of expertise has been developing and managing successful new businesses for these organisations. This experience has given him a unique insight into many different management marketing and sales styles and strategies. He has always pioneered a customer centric approach in developing his own strategies over his career and believes this approach is crucial in today’s difficult marketplace.

He set up OneStep in 2012 as a coaching, training and communication company which works in conjunction with Scedia with both individuals and companies. He also assists people in developing and fine tuning their communication and client interface skills which leads to both personal growth and a more effective and sustainable business model.

Michael Lacey & Mike Cahn

Michael Lacey Scedia Mike Cahn Scedia

In 2006, along with business partner and Programer Mike Cahn, Michael set up a web design and development business called Indytech. The goal was to providing small and medium sized businesses, non profits and individuals, with a platform from which to build an online presence.

Indytech have since expanded into some government and local organizations online profiling and branding.
In 2013 Michael and Mike decided to become part of the Scedia team, working closely with Colm Murphy and Derek Treacy and completing the services required to make Scedia an important player in the online marketing and branding sector.

Derek Treacy

Derek Treacy Scedia

Derek has many years of experience in the following fields:
Network install and maintenance, Mac & Windows Installation & Support, Application Desktop Support, Database Development, Project Management Consultant and Music Production.


Together we provide the following services:


Web Services:

  • Website Development.

  • Web Hosting and Domain Registration.

  • Other Online Platform Creation and Configuration. (Facebook G+ etc)

  • Graphic Design.

  • Search Engine Optimization. (SEO) (Optinoal)

  • Web Training.

  • Email Configuration.

Media Services:

  • Video Production.

  • Video Editing and Enhancement.

  • Photography.

  • Logo Design.

Marketing Strategy:

  • General Marketing.

  • Online Marketing.

  • Store Front Marketing.

  • Business Management Advice.

  • Branding.

To Avail of any of the Scedia services, please contact us.